Condé Nast Traveler Review

By Kris Fordham

First impression?
Rincón Beer Company is casual, bright, and lively, with lots of cool local art hanging on the walls, a hastily scribbled chalkboard menu, and casually dressed guests tossing back beers and playing board games. The space can get pretty rowdy on weekends, when there’s live music and brunch.

So who’s there?
50/50 mix of beer-loving locals and tanned, fresh-from-the-beach tourists.

What do they have for drinks?
Beer, beer, and more beer: 16 different brews on tap, the most from a microbrewery on the island, as well as a selection of bottles. Ask your bartender to curate a flight of their favorite local pours.

And the food menu?
Elevated bar fare; the beer-battered fish tacos, topped with crunchy slaw and sriracha mayo, are addictive.

Did the staff do you right?
Incredibly warm—you’ll be treated like an old friend.

What’s the bottom line?
Come here when you’re sick of overpriced tropical cocktails at hotel bars.

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