Grito de Lares

Based on a mixture of rum, mezcal, and carrot cordial made in the house. A cocktail strong in alcohol, smoky flavors that go very well with sweet carrot cordial. The orange colors, the Lares flag, and the lit rosemary are metaphors of what the Puerto Ricans lived in the town of Lares on September 23, 1868, when the flag of independence was raised before the Spanish colonial government.

Salvemos Playuela

Best sellers! Salvemos Playuela is a cocktail based on coconut rum and vodka. It is sweetened with a coconut cream made at home with coriander and jalapeño. Refreshing on the palate with little strange flavors in the liquid world. Its green and white colors transport us to the beautiful space in Aguadilla; “Playuela” . It carries that name because we want to create environmental awareness about the beautiful place that is currently on the lookout for developers who want to destroy the space by building a mega hotel.

Julio del 2019

This cocktail is based on rums, and has honey reduced with natural passion fruit juice, which makes it have sweet and subtle flavors from the honey side and on the other hand, strong alcohol notes are well present in the first notes. It is served with a stamp of the letter of resignation of the former governor of Puerto Rico, which was on the date that gives the name to this cocktail.

Pedro Albizu Campos

“Albizu”, as we say, is one of our most bitter and intense cocktails. We use a 27-species amaro as a base, with a mixture of whiskey, house-made pineapple syrup and citrus. The elegance of the cocktail in its presentation and the intensity of the flavors project us what the leader of the nationalist party of Puerto Rico was in life.

Lolita Lebrón

Best sellers! Base of white tequila, natural pineapple syrup, “falernum” which is a syrup of roasted almonds with ginger, homemade spice and citrus fruits, with a super elegant bearing like the person who gives it its name. This cocktail is decorated with a dehydrated beet that creates a visual effect that assimilates the blood spilled on March 1, 1954, when Lolita Lebrón shot at the United States Congress.

Moscow Mule

Made with our original ginger beer recipe, the Moscow Mule is a classic vodka-based cocktail served in an aluminum glass to keep it cool. We work some different variations of this American classic, such as: beet, carrot, passion fruit, among other flavors of sweeteners prepared fresh in the house. Like the original recipe, we have a “top” version of it. It is prepared with a sweetener of roasted almonds with ginger, which highlights the spicy tones of the cocktail.